Conservation and Restoration of the Masonry Iconostasis

The restoration of the masonry iconostasis from The Assumption Church of the former Schit din Vii, Goleştii Badii, Topoloveni, Argeş county, comprised conservation and restoration interventions of every artistic component and took place from the summer of 2011 until the winter of 2015.

Since the beginning of the works, the team of restorers confronted many difficulties caused by the advanced stage of degradation of the monument, especially the masonry iconostasis which suffered the most loss of original material.

The final purpose of this intervention was to restore, preserve, salvage and highlight the original aspect of the monument.


Key words: conservation-restoration; masonry iconostasis; integrity restoring; “The Assumption” church; Goleştii Badii; Argeş;



Oana Comănescu - Specialist restorer, SC Else Design SRL

Silviu Petrescu - Expert restorer, SC Else Design SRL

Bianca Mureşan - Master student, the National University of Arts in Bucharest

Caietele restaurării 2017, pp. 196-209