This article presents some of the problems raised by the restoration of the iconostasis from St. George church from Mogosoaia, Ilfov county.

I particularly refer to the aspects regarding the restoring of the iconographic program disrupted by old restoration interventions. I particularly refer to the aspects regarding the restoration of the areas where the iconographic program was disrupted by old restoration interventions. It was necessary to disassemble and reposition the sculpted friezes and icons in the appropriate order. The operations were hindered by the incorrect anchorage with nails hammered from the front of the iconostasis. The introduction presents some elements regarding the iconostasis’ artistic technique. It continues with information on the church’s history and some of the past works. Then, I am presenting the iconographic program and synthetically indicate the main coordinates of the restoration treatment applied.

The article contains a few images representative for my endeavour.

Key words: restoration-conservation; aesthetic unity; historical stages; restoring; iconographic program; iconostasis; “St. George” church, Mogoșoaia



*Associate Professor Marin Coteţiu, PhD., specialist restorer, Faculty of Orthodox Theology from Babeș Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca


Caietele restaurării 2017, pp.118-129