In the church of Tismana monastery the microclimate variations together with the breakdown of the improvised heating installation led to a poor conservation of the iconostasis.

Between 2103 and 2015, our team coordinated by Mirela Constantin carried out complex work to reposition and secure the structure, stop the evolving degradation processes, restore the painting and the polychrome sculpture. In 2015, the head of the monastery ceased the contract unilaterally despite the execution of 70% of the work. The restoration continued until 2017 by the students of West University – Timişoara and graduated of the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest coordinated by Prof. Doina Mihăilescu Ph.D. Although the restored elements executed by our team established the reference points, the second team didn’t comply with the restoration concept and the ensemble lost its aesthetical unity. This article underlines the fact that the actual appearance of the iconostasis is not the result of our intervention and we bring forward our work from 201—2015.

Key words: microclimate parameters, microclimate control, restoration iconostasis, improper interventions, overpaint, gildings.



*Mirela Constantin- Restorer for wood painting, historical monuments specialist, mobile cultural heritage expert


Caietele restaurării 2017, pp.130-157