Preliminary Investigation of the Painting State, its Condition and THread Assessment.

St. Anne's church in Warsaw was founded by princess Anne of Masovia in 1453 for the Minor Order Friars brought from Cracow. Initially, the church used to be a small gothic building but in XVI-th and XVII-th century the church was expanded by adding new spaces. The present mural decoration of the church it is made by a monk named - Walenty Żebrowski between1743 and 1750.

The main goal of the project is to uncover and save the maximum of the original XVIII-th century painting decoration by Walenty Żebrowski. The implementation of the project is divided into two stages. The first one planned for the 2017 covers investigation on the technique and technology of the Żebrowski's painting and diagnosis of its present state.

Also, we carried out some interventions such as: cleaning of the painting surface from dust and over-paintings, strengthening of the stone base of the lantern, removing of the old putties and concrete patches in the dome, consolidation of the walls structure and plaster layers, filling of the cracks and plaster layer losses.

Key words: mural painting; 18th century; St. Anne’s Church; Warsaw; Walenty Żebrowski, investigations on techniques; conservation-restoration



*Katarzyna Górecka- Assistant PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Conservation-Restoration


Caietele restaurării 2017, pp.174-183