Considerations Regarding the Applied Treatment on a Contemporary Mixed Media Painting. Case Study: „Dyanmics I”, Romul Nuțiu 

From the 20th century onwards there has been the emergence of a wide variety of materials, which made numerous experiments possible. These types of synthetic polymer including acrylic, PVA, alkyd, nitro-cellulose, polyurethane, epoxy and silicone resins behave differently in response to environmental conditions and aging.


Scarce information is available regarding these materials and the majority of artworks are unvarnished.

The choice of binder has important ramifications for conservators and conservation treatments.

More and more requests have been noticed lately for the restoration of Romanian contemporary art, therefore collaboration with specialists will be essential in order to determine and apply the optimal treatment.


Key words: contemporary painting, mixt technique,"Dinamica I", Romul Nuțiu, chromatic alteration, absence of light

Author: Marius Kovács, Maria Sbera- Restorer Timişoara Art Museum

Caietele restaurării 2017, pp. 66-77