Few Particularities of the Mural Paintings from the Evangelic Churches in Ighișul Nou and Mălâncrav

Throughout the last two decades we were able to research or evaluate the mural paintings from an impressive number of churches from Târnave area. These former catholic churches turned into protestant ones after the Reform and, therefore, they were conformed to the aniconic rigors of the community’s new adopted religion.

Summarizing the conclusions of these studies, we are surprised by the large number of medieval mural paintings in a relative narrow geographical area and also by the fact that most of these paintings are unfamiliar to both owners and specialists.

The paintings from Mălânclav, Ighișul Nou, along with the recently identified painting from Bratei, pan out a group of pictorial ensembles, the work of a group of painters unknown until today. Even though they were painted by the same group of painters, the pigments’ range being almost identical, one can notice considerable differences between the current appearance of the two ensembles as a result of circumstances and distinct interventions of the two monuments.


Key words: medieval painting; technological particularities; unknown painters; Târnave; Evangelical churches; Ighișul Nou; Mălâncrav



Kiss Loránd- Specialist restorer

Caietele restaurării 2017, pp. 250-263