The detachment of the murals from Popesti-Leordeni church was an extreme case meant to salvage some of the artistic components of an architectural assembly severely damaged by the 1977 earthquake.


The detachment was done by the specialists of the Historic Monuments Committee, during the consolidation interventions of the architectural structure. The central part of the votive painting represents the founder Mihail Manu, as painted by Nicolae Polcovnicu. This pictural motif proves the co-existence of laic and religious, a connection that conferred a constant and specific continuity to the Romanian space.

The composition is static, with fine personalized portraits reminding of the early 19th century easel painting finicality. The fragment underwent extensive conservation and restoration operations within the Conservation-Restoration Department of the National University of Arts in Bucharest. The most difficult operations were the consolidation of the painting layer and its transfer on a new support. The mural painting fragment is the property of the Bucharest Municipality Museum and exhibited at Sutu Palace since July 2018.



Key words: restoration; conservation; painting; votive; Manu family, Popești – Leordeni; fragment; mural painting; transfer; new support.


Author: Maria Coltofean

Mural painting restorer, Bucharest National University of Arts, Department of Conservation and Restoration

Caietele restaurării 2018, pp. 212-227