Preparatory Stages Prior to the Restoration Process and Applied Methodology

The paper begins by presenting the results of the preliminary research, information that serves to provide a solid foundation for the development of improved conservation and restoration strategies, optimal conservation environments, and for a better understanding of art objects and their history.

The information provided by the various ways of analysis and observation, the results of the scientific investigations which determined the materials used and the tests carried out, were the basis of the elaboration of the appropriate restoration methodology. The article summarizes the application of the methodology by presenting each major operation which was the basis for the restoration of the aesthetic and material unity of the icon of the „Apostles Peter and Paul” from Dragomirna Monastery.

Key words: icon; 18th century; Saints Apostles Peter and Paul; Dragomirna Monastery; research; degradations mechanisms; aesthetics restoring



*Daniela Moraru (Rasofora Teodosia)- Icon restorer, Dragomirna Monastery


Caietele restaurării 2017, pp.158-173